Everyone wants the best enjoyment from their A.R. Drone, well I'm going to write up a whole load of

articles on how to keep that A.R. Drone in tip top condition for flying.

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I have collated a few tips just in case your Drone does suffer an unfortunate issue. So you can be more prepared to help yourself and help Parrot in dealing with your misfortune of a poorly AR.Drone.
Some of the below may be common sense but when your frantic and pulling your hair out things do sometimes get a little heated.
So before you call please ensure your calm, helpdesks are a nightmare if the other person with the issue is in a mood.
Please remember, we are all human and anti-social behavior is not tolerated, helpdesk staff have a right to warn you and should further behavior take place they are allowed to hang up.

1: Have the Drone with you. Parrot staff can not help if it's not near you to run though some suggestions. Saying "it doesn't work" doesn't grant you getting your Drone repaired.
2: Do not call from your iPhone if you use it to control the Drone. You'll more than likely need the iPhone to use the Drone.
3: Have a charged battery ready to go for troubleshooting (assuming your problem isn't the battery/charger)
4: Know your email address. Parrot doesn't care what one you use or what you put on your order forms etc.
5: Please do not use Skype. If support can't hear you then they can not help you.
6: Please refrain from using a speaker phone out doors, See above
7: Keep your phone AWAY from a Drone that is turned on. It creates a deafening sound over the phone.
8: If you have an error message. Write it down. Parrot may need this information.
9: Be in an area safe to fly the Drone. If Parrot need you to test it then a small room full of fine art is NOT a good place to be.
10: Call when you have more than 30 seconds to spend on the phone. Some calls can be quick, others can be involved and take some time for Parrot to establish possible faults.
11: Be NICE. Parrot understands you're having problems, otherwise you wouldn't be calling. Being nasty and/or rude to Parrot staff(who are human) means may just take a dislike to your attitude and not be so helpful.

If you get asked to fill out any forms, please ensure you have the following details
State / Provence:
Zip / Postal code:
Phone number:
Serial number (found on a black and white sticker on the inside of the battery compartment, starting with PF or PS, both lines please):

Parrot won't give you shipping instructions for sending the unit into the repair center until AFTER they have this information. Primarily to ensure you get your Drone to the closest repair facility or direct you over to the international group if needed.

US / Canada call 1-877-9-Parrot or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Outside the US and Canada call [+44] (0) 844 811 5484 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Now there are four AR.Drone applications in the App Store, users will now have to check to ensure no other application isn't operating.

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This modification was posted by zenocha, so big thanks for allowing ARDrone-Flyers.com to post this.

Hi all, I thought I'd post up a little guide to replacing the standard brass bearings with ball bearings. I decided to swap them since the ball bearings will offer less resistance and hopefully better operation, I haven't yet had time to fully test whether ball bearings offer extended flight time or reduce motor heat, but I can only assume the lower friction coefficient will help in these areas.

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What I am putting here is some very very important information. This should be read and absorbed and if uncertain please raise a topic on the forum. As I'm sure you would rather lose a battery than a body part or your life. LiPo battery's are seriously dangerous and in no way should you underestimate their destructive power.

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ARDrone-Flyers.com is committed to giving you up to the minute information on AR.Drones. Whenever Parrot releases any updates for the AR.Drone there will be news on the forums and a news article. If you have signed up to the forum, then ARDrone-Flyers.com will send out a mail-shot to all members so that you are aware of any firmware updates for your AR.Drone. Keeping up to date on the firmware will only fix outstanding issues and help you run the latest games and applications from Parrot and 3rd Party developers. Also if you a little worried about such updates for your AR.Drone you can also hold back and see if fellow members are experiencing any issues with their AR.Drones, only because once a firmware update came out for the AR.Drone and it wasn't as smooth sailing/flying as it should have been.

There are great benefits to joining the community, sometimes developers may ask the some forum members to help testing a new application or game with your AR.Drone and competitions(although only one so far, I need idea's) Also you can find out valuable information to help you fly your AR.Drone better and for longer. Some members also show off their modified AR.Drone's where they have either added anything from camera mounts for GoPro's camera's to adding a full lighting system(Some of these look really special)

If your just after hard AR.Drone information, then your in luck as we have a Wiki that has a wealth of information, which is continually growing all the time and if there is something missing then your free to add you information to it for others later. The information added will get stronger and stronger for the AR.Drone community and also help keep ARDrone-Flyers.com active and going.

Also why not use the forum to meet other AR.Drone enthusiasts in and around your area. The forums are a great way to chat to locals, maybe you could be the first to start a flying club for AR.Drones, if you do this then please shout it out on ARDrone-Flyers.com and you then could have more local members all sharing a wealth of information. I've even post an article on the front page for you to help you expand. ARDrone-Flyers.com doesn't stop their, if you have a great idea or project your working on  to enhance your AR.Drone then why not get in touch with an article, and it will also get posted up for the world to see and the world needs a lot more AR.Drone news and reviews.

If your in a sharing mood, then why not take full advantage of the blogging system built in to the forums and let others know what your getting up to with your AR.Drone, it would be great to see some 3rd party developments for the AR.Drone being arranged and set up with the input of fellow AR.Drone flyers, I think a community based input could be a very valuable resource to helping you create something really special and fantastic.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android device or a Nokia Symbian device, then you can find your information here for using your AR.Drone in the best possible way. More and more developers are staing to get their programs out for the AR.Drone and here you'll find out first what is going on in the vast AR.Drone world. No longer are Parrot making applications but 3rd party developers too, there are full reviews not just from the site administrators but also from other users, all inputting on bugs and future features to their applications for the AR.Drone.

So the best way to keep up to date and in the know is to join, at ARDrone-Flyers.com we have it all and the combined knowledge from a very strong member base. If there is something wrong with your AR.Drone and your not sure, please don't be afraid to search or post a topic about your AR.Drone worries. It never hurts to ask questions, we'd rather you ask then to cause more damage to your AR.Drone or worse cause damage to yourself or others around you.
The unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is being extensively used by the U.S. Military on the war against terror campaign in different parts of the world, especially in the Middle East. To stress the fact that this unmanned flying object is being operated by humans, they are also dubbed as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft. The media popularized this new generation of aircrafts as “drones”. Drones are not only a military hardware and Parrot AS of France introduced one intended for commercial use. This unmanned aerial vehicle is named Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter. The AR Drone is lifted by four (4) propellers wherein two (2) cameras are attached. Its length is about 12 inches and the materials used are plastic and foam. Some interesting features are: Controllable by iOS operated devices like the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Android devices are also included as well as some Apps for Samsung BADA and Symbian devices. Wi-fi connection. Has the ability to distinguish 3d stages. Perfectly fits augmented reality games. Fitted with ultrasound altimeter for hovering capability.
Technology behind the Game In the AR Drone, the “AR” stands for augmented reality which is a real time direct view of one’s immediate outdoor surrounding. It can be indirect like live video feed from a location. The real environment is then augmented through electronics by graphics, sound, or video from a computer. The concept is popularly used in Sports broadcast, navigation, and advertising. Nonetheless, it seems that the more marketable concept for the AR Drone is in gaming. Parrot initially came up with the “Drone War”, which is a virtual combat which can be played solo and multiplayer modes. Another demo game is a solo game against a virtual robot. In a conventional video game, the visuals are software-based like the characters, background and special effects. In AR games, the game takes place in a live and real environment, which is really cool. The player’s attention is divided between the real world and virtual 3D one. Through the flying and constantly moving drone, there is a great variation in the environment. The handheld devices make the platform similar but the visuals, concentration, and actual experience have a big difference. The AR Drone quadricopter instantly broadcast its Wi-Fi network as it is turned on. Through pairing, the player can connect to it through the Free Flight App. After connecting, the operator shifts into piloting in a cockpit. The live images on the front-facing and bottom-facing camera can interchangeably be seen. Transitioning from one screenshot to the other is easy with the camera cycling button at the top-left corner of the device’s screen. Another button below it allows the operator to instantly change settings that will give you full control of the quadricopter. Inside the Cockpit Basic flying is relatively easy, but more challenging moves like climbing and banking on turns in an outdoor flight need more practice sessions. A big button on the bottom right makes the ar drone turn side by side and gain altitude. A smaller button at the bottom left of the screen makes the parrot ar drone move forward, side to side, and backwards. Tilting the device turns the Free Flight App on. During game sessions, shaking the device releases the virtual missiles for enemy destruction. For an unmanned aircraft like this, there are a number of concerns about its safety, especially when on flight. There will surely be instances when connection to the AR Drone Wi-Fi will be cut. If this happens, the quadricopter will just stop and lands slowly. The ar drone also has auto-correct navigation that prevents it from running into things or flying out of control. The sensor data at the bottom enables it to just hover in place. Physical protection of the ar drone becomes possible with the indoor and outdoor hull set that come with it. If there are accessories or parts that are damaged due to some accidents, Parrot AS maintains an online store where parts like the ar drone replacement propellers can be purchased.
Issues Because of the Apple enabled control system, flight software, simple design, and its on-board wi-fi system, flying will never be an issue with the ar drone. The slight drawbacks that operators found during flight tests with the copter are the short battery life that could last for a maximum of about 30 minutes only. Charging the drained battery would take about one hour and 30 minutes. Another important concern is the resolution of the two cameras. At 640 x 480, the forward facing camera is said to deliver a video feed of 15 FPS but some motion blur is definitely evident even with this specifications. The bottom facing camera fairs better at 176x 144 and the images that it delvers are clearer. However, both digital cameras are essential to have a precise view of the immediate surroundings. Beyond the height of 20 ft, the ar drone loses its capability to hover and stability becomes difficult. The height limiter allows the parrot ar drone to climb a maximum of 20 ft only because the bottom sensor will not able to detect more than that. Practicality When I chanced upon the Parrot Ar drone from online reviews, I instantly compared it with the four-propeller minidrone Libyan freedom fighters used to win the war. It is also not being powered by a conventional joystick, but a tablet computer powered by Windows XP. It’s fascinating to think than what is piloting each copter is just a handheld device. In a different level, these drones are comparable to the billion dollar unmanned aerial vehicles of the military such as the Global Hawk, Predator and Reaper. The Parrot AR Drone quadricopter controlled by a handheld device is an innovation that simply utilized existing technologies like mobile devices and applications, internet, and a simple flying electromechanical toy. Packaging it into an augmented reality game is another brilliant idea that gamers can easily adapt to. This is because they are already using handheld devices in gaming, and any tweak with the apps, visuals and feature will surely be welcomed with anticipation.