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At present, the Linux system of choice for compilation is Ubuntu. The SDK has a working sample of an application that can be run.

Ubuntu Walkthrough (by daveyoi)

Here is a small step by step to get the SDK examples compiled on an Ubuntu 10.4 install. Can be run via a VirtualBox setup.

  1. There are some packages required to compile the SDK code:
    • apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
    • apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev
    • apt-get install libiw-dev
  2. Download the SDK from the ARDrone development Wiki.
  3. Unpack to a directory of your choice (named ARDroneAPI in the following).
  4. Compile the base SDK:
    • cd ARDroneAPI/ARDroneLib/Soft/Build
    • make USE_LINUX=yes
  5. Now, within ARDroneLib, there is a targets_versions directory with the executables. Next, compile the navigation example, as it is the most verbose and has support for a PS3 controller:
    • cd ARDroneAPI/Examples/Linux/Navigation/Build
    • make
    • cd ARDroneAPI/ARDroneLib/Version/Release
  6. Run the example:
    • ./ardrone_navigation

All being well this should make a connection to your Drone so that you can control it using a PS3 controller or Logitech pad; there is also support for RC controllers, but this is not yet tested.

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